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Whether you are dealing with a diagnosis or trying to navigate life’s complexities, integrative health coaching will create a space for you to explore the many facets of your current state and discover how to establish and achieve your unique health and wellness systems. 

You do not have to feel trapped by your circumstances. Living with a chronic condition does not have to be a struggle. If you are ready to find your strength and take wing, congratulations—you have just taken your first step.

Wellness Experience

Trained through Duke Integrative Medicine, I provide individual and group health coaching services designed to help clients form a solid vision of optimal wellness, identify true values, and use those values along with personal strengths to bring dreams into reality. My personal experience living with a chronic illness since childhood brings solid insight to my work.

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Health coaches are trained to work with the whole person, not an isolated illness or set of symptoms to treat. They listen to your concerns, and ask the questions that will motivate you to make the changes you so desire.

I explore with you to find your values, what is most important to you, and offer you the freedom to choose the course of action for whatever concerns you opt to address. You will build confidence that maximizes success, and helps you look at situations from different perspectives. 

I work in close partnership with you to identify the challenges to change and generate strategies that will help you move toward your unique health and wellness systems. I support you in tracking weekly progress and hold you accountable for commitments you have made to yourself. I can also provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.

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Upcoming Events

Join me for Finding Your Voice, a women's workshop offered through Watersong Peace Chamber on Sunday, February 4 from 1-4 pm.   

Consider taking part in this powerful process, having your voice be heard and/or listening to others, releasing yourself from pain and suffering. This support group will help you to hold yourself up, dust off the ashes, and recognize your unique gifts. We will offer a safe space in which you can share as much or as little as you feel led to. In this process you can gather awareness, get “unstuck,” and realize the goals you have for your best life! 


Witnessing the positive changes in Robin’s life made me want to make changes in my life!  In working with Robin during the last couple of years, I have realized the kind of person I want to be; becoming more self-aware and I have made sort of a game of self growth, letting go of the word “failure”, knowing I’m likely to have minor setbacks, but can forgive myself and keep moving forward.  I have let go of feeling responsible for actions and feelings of others bringing me joyful freedom!  I have learned to be curious and become aware of the feelings behind my actions and emotions.  Identifying my feelings (often from childhood) behind my actions is like putting together a puzzle which is ME!  Today I find myself happier and have more inner peace, living more in the present moment, becoming more patient with myself and others.  I find one of the greatest joys is seeing the changes in my spouse as I change myself!  I no longer beat myself up emotionally or allow myself to feel guilty.  I see situations for what they are and move on. 

[Robin's] simple but profound suggestions for organizing my life and my home have brought me tremendous joy!  Clutter in my living space blocks positive energy flow; so my goal is to de-clutter my home. I have learned to set attainable goals, pace myself, work when I feel like it, and celebrate when I accomplish even small tasks.  I’ve learned that material things often have emotions attached to them, and I can choose to hold onto those things that bring me joy, or pass them along to bring someone else joy!  Letting go of items that no longer serve me in a positive way is so liberating!